Top Reasons Why Interactive Features Are Essential To Smart Watches

The history of smart wristwatches extends to over three decades and its  development was heralded by a Japanese company known as Seiko. The very first line of smart watches give the user the ability to use certain features and perform some functions relatively easily. These wristwatches allowed the user to view different t time zones,  perform basic calculation tasks,  and have access to news feed data. But like all technological tools,  the past few years have ushered in New era for these wristwatches. The new generation of smart wristwatches have incorporated other technologies.

This includes wireless sensor features like compass,  barometer,  altimeter, barometer, accelerometer, camera, thermometer,  and GPS technology. The aim of combining all these technologies is to act as an attraction to a set demographic of consumers. In recent times,  however,  it has been argued that personal devices like small watches are running out of ingeniuos and innovative ways to attract consumers. The major proponents of this viewpoint often cite the fact that there has been an even larger amount of smart portable devices on the market. This includes the new tablets ND smart phones.

However,  technology once again comes to the rescue. In recent times,  it has become increasingly easier to make quite a large number of electronic gadgets and devices smaller. This has created a race between major manufacturers if wrist watches to turn modern day personal wrist watches into a form of wearable mini computing devices. Some firms like WIMM one and Pebble have become quite notable in this field. Even one of them,  WIMM one has been purchased by the mega tech giant,  Google. These wristwatches give the user the ability to connect his mobile phone with the wrist watch through the use of the Bluetooth option.

With this, the user will gain real time notifications of incoming phone calls. Also,  text messages will be displayed instantly on the surface of the wrist watch. The next step from here is the integration of even more cutting edge technologies that are available with other devices today. This includes the use of a transparent display screen that will give the user the ability to scan a retail commodity or product. When he does this,  he will receive instant and real time information about such a product. Other technologies like pedestrian navigation can also be employed. The will then add the feature of augmented reality into the fold. The tech giant,  Google is already a step ahead in this regard. They recently filed a patent with theUS patent authority in a bid to introduce a transparent flip cover into their wristwatch design and this will be solely exclusive to them. However,  as of the last inquiry, the device might not be introduced into the mainstream market just yet

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